What a Difference The Body Fat Breakthrough Makes!Extensive documentation of body improvements in the men who followed The Body Fat Breakthrough plan includes photos taken as the men progressed. Here are just a few, showing their remarkable transformation.

A Medical “Must Do”! “Dr. Darden provides medically sound, insightful advice on how to lose fat and build muscle. He supplies visual proof of the effectiveness of his methods. The book is not only a must read, it is a MUST DO to a leaner, stronger, and healthier body.” —Max Medary, MD, president, Greater Orlando Neurosurgery & Spine

Don’t Sweat It … Cool It!

Only a PhD in exercise science with 18 months’ postdoctoral studies in food and nutrition — like Dr. Darden — would know secrets like these for turbocharging fat loss:

Everyone imagines that “sweating like a pig” during exercise, or taking a sauna, helps you trim down. In truth, says the doctor, it makes almost no dent at all in losing fat and can actually slow fat loss! See why on pages 171 and 188 of The Body Fat Breakthrough!

The one drink that actually subtracts calories — over 120 a day. when used as the doctor suggests on page 191.

How applying an ice pack to a certain part of your body for a short time prompts your body to torch fat faster! Page 36

Tip: How to lose fat while shampooing your hair. Really!
Page 36

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“After losing 25 pounds and reshaping my entire body, I was walking on the University of Florida campus with my husband. One of his friends, whom I never met, said hello as he passed us. The next day, my husband saw the guy and he asked him if I was his daughter. My husband happily replied, ‘No, she’s my wife.’” —Paula Golombek, PhDEnjoy Delicious Carb Foods And Sculpt a Sexier Body!

Dr. Darden, in his new book The Body Fat Breakthrough, explains why the popular high-protein/low-carb diet is the wrong way to go.

A study published in a prestigious medical journal reported the. results of a major, long-term study.
THE FINDING: People who successfully lost an average of 30 pounds and kept them off for 5 years did so by eating more, not fewer, carbohydrates.

When Dr. Darden was a competitive bodybuilder, he won new championships thanks to eating more carbs! Read the fascinating details on page 292 in his new book!

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A typical consumer who follows the plan described in The Body Fat Breakthrough can expect to lose up to 1 to 2 pounds per week.

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